Welcome to Elwood Golf Links

A new chapter to the City of Elwood’s golf course, Elwood Golf Links, occurred on June 22, 2019 with the re-opening of the original nine holes, making Elwood Golf Links once again, 18 holes of golf!

We know that many of the citizens of Elwood and surrounding communities are very excited to have 18 holes of golf back in Elwood!

The golf course represents a vital historical component to the City of Elwood, dating back to 1924.

As people drive to the City (off State Road 37 and on State Road 13) the original nine presents a wonderful first impression to the City as visitors and others drive past this beautiful piece of property.

Season Passes and Sponsorships are available for the 2023 golf season!

Please contact Noah Gascho (noah@onealgolf.com) or call the golf shop (765.552.0665) to inquire about a Season Pass or Sponsorship for 2023.

We thank everyone for your gracious support of Elwood Golf Links!

Elwood Golf Links is managed and operated by O’Neal Golf Management

Elwood Golf Links

9273 W 1050 North Elwood, IN 46036

Phone: 765.552.0665

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Elwood Golf Links is managed and operated by O’Neal Golf Management, based in Carmel, IN